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And now the end is near?  
03:22am 03/12/2008
Hill of Sacrifice, these are my final lines of verse before I go beyond. This is the moment. Yes.

I have laid aside my inked veins, the spine of the book is, again, a sweetened arc ruffled slightly in these tornadoed winds. I will not lift it again. This computer too, soon, I will not need.

Under this ground who knows how many lie, perhaps dreaming, perhaps tormented by Her judgement? Perhaps capable of nothing at all, as I am, as I make my way to the clearing to make my last stand.

When I become a lifeless shred I too shall join these cradled dead, as it was meant to be.

I am glad to have seen my sister, to know I came from somewhere before this place. So beautiful,to share my last moment tasting the skin on her forehead, to kiss her goodbye before the turning away, locking all hope behind us.

Glad to know I was worth something to someone, more than just damaged goods begging for a bone, great designs in an empty skull, one more person, one more stone, just another tooth in G-d's great ugly grin.

Our sounds fade and are so easily replaced. We'll clutch at the ground, we'll send prayers into space that maybe just, maybe just we'll get to shine once more, in another time, in another place; in a world tailored to our tastes.

Oh Curt, oh Ulfie. Be well. Die painlessly, gracefully, beautifully. I will miss your caresses, if there's anything left of me to miss anything.
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